App not uninstalling

I uninstalled my app like 4 hours ago and It’s still appearing on my site. Ive cleared my cache like 5 times also and nothing is happening

Hi @gamechampcrafted,

Could you please elaborate on that?

  • Which app are you talking about?
  • Did you enable it to act over the entire zone or just a few paths?

I don’t have that much experience with Cloudflare Apps but, anyway, the other users will need to understand the situation better in order to help you.

It was the app ‘Back To Top Button’
It was set to install on all pages

Using the community search, I found 3 cases somewhat similar to yours:

Unfortunately, in all of them it seems to have been necessary to contact support to solve the issue.

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Hi @dmz & @gamechampcrafted, good bit of sleuthing, @dmz! As was bound to turn out, the root cause for each of those turned out to be different, although the last post seems similar to what’s going on here.

Can you share the domain name?


its but its invite only so not sure how you would see the issue since its on the dashboard page. This is what its looking like aka broken app if you ask me

It makes like 4 pages of this error and screws up the whole page… AND i cant remove it

Thank you and understood on need for invitation. You can contact Support and ask them to remove it, they’ll ask you to share a demo login so that they can verify it. If no demo/test login, they may ask for a HAR file showing the issue.

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help. Please give Support the complete details and link to your Community post and share the ticket number here.

I made a test page if you wanted to look at it

Ugh, you’re right, that is not usable at all. I think Support will have to manually remove this, inlcude the reference to the test page, that should be enough detail for them to see. (Shot in the dark - if you turn off under attack mode do you have any luck removing?)

Yeah does nothing ill just have to tell support

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This support reply be taking ages tho

Sorry for the delay, I see your tickets and suspect the two will end up merged into 1834967 as duplicate tickets slow replies for everyone. I’ll add myself to 1834967 and keep an eye on progress.