App login not working when setting Definitely automated bots is blocked

Hi There
I need help to fix this issue. When i on Definitely automated bots setting is blocked. My app login and sign up option not working.

Example url for login is https://www.**/apis/login

I tried firewall setting, to allow this url but still having same issue.

05-03-2022 13-15-44

any body?


Thank you for asking.

What error do you get? Can you share a screenshot of it?

May I ask when you navigate to the Firewall tab → Overview to check for recent firewall events, is your IP being blocked or rather the IP of the origin host/server? :thinking:

Regarding the Firewall Rule, is it the 1st from above on the list of the Firewall rules? (priority order)

If it’s your origin host/server IP being blocked/challenged, I’d suggest you to add your origin host/server IP to the Firewall → Tools → IP Access Rules with the action “allow”.

Furthermore, if it’s your own IP, may I ask if you are using some VPN connection, or a Tor Web browser, or using some kind of a web browser extension (adblock, privacy, antivirus)?

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