App Launcher shows unknown and unrelated links

Hi everyone,

I’m experiencing an issue when accessing the App Launcher, I get shown apps not added by myself and get shown 3 duplicates of all the apps added.

Can anyone help me or is anyone else got the same issues as me?


Have you contacted Cloudflare Support? If yes, can you share your ticket number here?

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Hi, the ticket number is 2262611

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This issue is quite new. Let me escalate this to the Cloudflare team for them to investigate.

By the way, have you tried opening the App Launcher in incognito mode?

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Yes, it does the same in Incognito. I’ve tried it in Safari, Microsoft Edge and Chrome and they all have the same issue.

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Hi @erictung,

I still haven’t received anything from the Cloudflare Support Team yet in regards to this issue.

Did you get anything back from them?

Hi, the last reply I got was 3 days ago, they said this requires internal escalation to the Cloudflare Access team, which I believe they are still investigating.

Let me check with the Cloudflare support team once one of them is on duty.


Sounds good.

Hey again @erictung,

Did you get an update from the Cloudflare Team?

Hi @braedenslatyer,

I see @erictung’s escalation and there is no update there currently, I have just bumped it up and requested an update.

Hi, thanks for that. I’ll wait for now for a reply.

Copying escalated reply to thread

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