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Hey all,

I’ve been searching around for an answer to this and I haven’t been able to figure out if it’s possible or not.

In the Access App Launcher, is it possible to set apps to launch in a new tab instead of the current launcher tab? I’d rather the app launcher tab stay open because some of my userbase are older non-tech-savvy types that I can’t particularly rely on having a launcher bookmark available for them to click every time they want to go to an app.

It adds 1-2 extra (small) steps that has generated support requests due to closing their bookmark row, accidentally deleting bookmarks, being impatient about having to re-load the launcher every time they want to open a new app, and so forth. It’s a small, dumb thing, but would be pretty useful for a cross section of my user base.


That seems like a great feature request. @abe something your teams might consider?

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Hey MH & Chris :grinning:

We’ve had this request come up a few times. I’ve got it tracked as a feature request. We will keep y’all posted on progress.

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Ah ha! That makes sense why I couldn’t find it then.

Thanks for the quick reply! Much Appreciated. :slight_smile:

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