App for cookie consent

I installed on my site, after some time between them, some app for cookie consent to test, then I uninstalled them. Unfortunately, the uninstalled apps have crept into the site and I can no longer clean up the site from these apps. The problem occurs when you search for a flight or a hotel, the consent cookie banner blocks the search results until you click the ACCEPT button. The fact is that the application has been uninstalled, so the banner should not appear. I have already cleaned browsers several times. I have checked the pages of the site several times. I’ve cleared Cloudflare’s cache. I went through all the steps to clean up the site, but the apps are still there.
I have already submitted a report for these apps but have not received a reply. I need help figuring out what the problem is and permanently deleting these apps from the site. Thanks.

I have the same problem. I uninstalled the cookie consent app, but a banner is still showing even though I have cleared the cache many times since then.

Is it possible that nobody knows yet how to solve this problem? I am still waiting for an answer. Thanks