.app .dev domain support?


" TLDs Available soon"

any tbd?

when .app .dev domain support?

Considering https://www.namecheap.com, https://www.gandi.net if not supported by cloudflare within 1 month


Thank you for your interest.

I believe Cloudflare Team is surely working hard and looking to get an as big list of supported TLDs as possible.

There is no official schedule for any of the TLDs or ccTLDs as far as I have read and I am truly not sure about any ccTLDs so soon due to strict regulations and policies.

Due to any ETA, I assume they are currently unable to confirm the exact dates due to contracts and issues that may arise in the process.

Let’s be patient and hold :crossed_fingers:

Well with Google Domains impending doom on the horizon, it’s difficult to remain patient. Which is unfortunate.

How come? There are thousands of registrars out there.


It’s really not. If Cloudflare supports those gTLDs when your domain is coming up on sixty to thirty days of its expiration and you want to use Cloudflare registrar, transfer it to Cloudflare registrar. If Cloudflare doesn’t support the TLD before your transfer window starts to close, and you don’t want to renew at your current registrar, transfer it somewhere else. Check again later if you still want to use Cloudflare registrar.

Why anyone views something so irrelevant as having any significance escapes me.


Just because you’re okay with having your domains strewn about, doesn’t mean others want that. Furthermore, who asked?

So yeah, it is unfortunate, that I’d have to use another registrar for the remaining domains I have moving away due to google domains.

My domains aren’t strewn about and none of them use Cloudflare registrar.

You did when you lamented your impatience on a public forum.

Perhaps, but I have faith that you can manage to endure such hardship.


You’re not even using cloudflare as a registrar, so why even comment when you have no skin in the game? Rhetorical btw, bye.

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I prefer use Cloudflare for the things it does well.


On this blog: A step-by-step guide to transferring domains to Cloudflare

It mentions:

Note: We plan to support .dev and .app by mid-July 2023.


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