App blocking API


We are creating API list from our web to do the mobile app.

The API url is working fine when we request it from postman but when we added it to mobile app while we are developing it using (our domain used cloudlfare ) it return error 404

When we use the dev environment and we use IpAddress/API its work fine in the app but the ip address is not in cloudflare

How can we resolve this problem and is it from cloudflare?

Cloudflare prevent mobile app api

We are creating mobile apps api from our website which works normally using postman but when we put it in the app its blocked only when we are using the domain which has the dns from cloudflare, but if i use the ip direct it works fine, how to solve that?


Is this two separate problem? 404 isn’t the same as blocked.

In the 404 case, check your server logs, as Cloudflare doesn’t return 404s.

For a block, check the Firewall Event Log in the Cloudflare Firewall page.


sorry the error 400 not 404

its the same problem


Error 400 simply means bad request error which means server cannot understand a request that’s been made.Now to solve that check for errfors in your URL,clear your browser cookies,clear your DNS cache,try clearing your browsers cache.Yup i think this steps should help u.mykfcexperience