.app and .biz TLDs


i’m wondering if Cloudflare will support the .app and .biz domains for registration? They are on the public TLD list.



They are looking at getting as big a list of supported TLDs as possible, however they are unable to confirm dates due to contracts and issues that may arise…

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Thank you for your answer and explanation. Good things take time! :slight_smile:


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I don’t suppose there’s any update on this? When it might be coming (for .app specifically)? In the mean time I think it’d be nice if they prevented you from creating an entry in Cloudflare with those TLDs…

I’d like to echo requests for .app support. I expect inevitable delays for the more random extensions, but surprised to see this one still left out. Sad I have to renew another year where it is.

Would love to see .biz support - I’ll miss it this time around it looks like as my expires in a few days :frowning: