Apologizing to Cloudflare, because I accidentally scanned their IP address

Hello, I am a customer who uses Cloudflare’s service for my website. I recently did some security checks on my website and accidentally used nmap to scan your IP address, I later realized that this was a mistake, because I forgot that my real IP address was hidden behind your CDN. I am very sorry for causing you any inconvenience or trouble, this was not my intention. I have stopped the scan and will not repeat this behavior. I appreciate your quality service and hope you can forgive my error.

I am a beginner who is learning kali linux, I wanted to know the port information of my server, so I used the simplest default scan of nmap. I did not cause any damage or interference to your system, nor did I have any malicious or attack purposes. I just made a small mistake for learning and testing purposes.

To protect my privacy and security, I did not provide my website domain name and other infomations, I hope you can understand. If you need this information, or have any other questions or suggestions, please reply to me here, or contact me on my Cloudflare account, I will reply to you as soon as possible. I can also provide some relevant screenshots or files to help you understand my situation.

I apologize to you again, hope you can accept my sincerity and respect. I also hope you can give me some advice or suggestions, so that I can use and learn Cloudflare’s service better. Thank you for your time and work. :pray:

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You are fine. Cloudflare gets millions, if not billions, of requests a day. Yours likely isn’t visible to them.


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