APO Wordpress plugin 4.12.1 - Dashboard is not loading

After latest update (4.12.1) the dashboard is not loading anymore:

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I was able to reproduce this error on a test domain, where the Cloudflare plugin page is not loading (other pages within the WordPress dashboard load ok.)

I’d suggest you rollback the plugin to the previous version until Cloudflare Devs look at and fix the issue. You can use the WP Rollback plugin to do it.

I’ve got the following error recorded by Dev Tools’ console:

compiled.js?ver=4.12.1:15 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'success')
at i (compiled.js?ver=4.12.1:15:1721)
at Object.callback (compiled.js?ver=4.12.1:15:1853)
at compiled.js?ver=4.12.1:54:57533
at g.callback (compiled.js?ver=4.12.1:54:63989)
at g.<anonymous> (compiled.js?ver=4.12.1:54:60684)
at r.emit (compiled.js?ver=4.12.1:54:67409)
at n.onreadystatechange (compiled.js?ver=4.12.1:54:64844)

An update that will fix the issue is available. Please update to version 4.12.2.


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