APO - Wordpress Multisite

I read several comments about APO in combination with a Wordpress multisite and can’t see the forest for the trees.

Does APO work or not in a Wordpress multisite environment and if so how do I find out if it works for my site ?

Thanks in advance for your response.

Haven’t tested yet, however may I ask if that does mean we’re going to have different WordPress instances accross different domain name(s), or within the same domain name, but different sub-directories, or maybe sub-domains and root (naked) domain, or some other combination? :thinking:

For example:

  • exampleA.com, exampleB.com, exampleC.com

Or like sub-directories like:

  • example.com/siteA/, example.com/siteB/, example.com/siteC/

Or maybe even on sub-domains only + root domain?

  • example.com, siteA.example.com, siteB.example.com, siteC.example.com

Or some other combination? :thinking:

Helpful articles and posts I found:

I’d test it out first, therefore take a look and search if there isn’t already some topic about it by using the :search: or at Cloudflare Docs for any possible feedback :thinking:

Otherwise, post here and wait for a reply from somone who might have more insight and information to share.

Thanks for the feedback fritex,

I will check the posts you found.

And yes, I’m using sub-directories like:

  • example.com/siteA/, example.com/siteB/, example.com/siteC/