APO + WordPress Doesn't cache on root domain

I have two WordPress Websites, one on my root domain and another on the subdomain. I have installed on both the CloudFlare APO and bought the Pro version with that. The issue is, that cloudflare doesn’t cache on main domain, but it works perfect on the subdomain.

I tried to use “Cache Everything” rule, but it created other issues on main domain, such as caching admin bar for every user. Any ideas?

Also, to register the plugin, I am using the api token ( for both websites)

This sounds similar to another recent issue, where root and subdomain APO weren’t behaving properly.

What are the two hostnames?

@sdayman I cannot find the issue you are talking about. Can you attach the url please?

@sdayman Thank you, but it is not the same issue. My goal is to have APO working on both websites, but for some reason it does not work on the website with root domain :confused:

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