APO + Woocommerce product prices not updating - Cache issues

Hi, I need help please.

My site’s prices were changed two weeks ago. Cache was manually cleared every day since then. And then every day we get some orders with old prices.

This is not happening in every zone, but it is happening every day. I can see customer’s carts in the back end and can see some orders with products with old price and other orders with the same products with the correct price. So this is a cache issue.

We are paying for Argo and Cloudflare Pro, and use APO and Tiered Cache.

I am not using a rule to cache everything. AND I have a rule to bypass the required woocommerce cookies.

My Cloudflare plugin is the latest one. I saw a similar thread in the community from a year ago but it had no resolution.

Please let me know what I can do to fix this.

Thank you SO much!

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