APO with Worker by device type - can it be done?

Hi there,

We are a news and media publisher trying to optimise APO and reduce our TTFB.

I understand that APO will flush the cache every 30 days, but we want to use workers to speed up the caching to the EDGE.

What we don’t understand is whether workers crawl our site as a mobile device or desktop? And is there a way to have the worker crawl and store the cache by device type, like APO currently does?

We have a slight variance between mobile and desktop (primarily ads) which is why we need to do it by device type.

I was wondering if anyone has a script which does worker work by device type? We’ve been looking but haven’t found anything.

This is the one we were using, but I don’t think it’s by device type. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/cloudflare/worker-examples/master/examples/edge-cache-html/edge-cache-html.js

FYI - We are on a business plan.