APO with custom post types

I am using Cloudflare APO for WordPress. On some pages, I have a custom post type with an Elementor loop. When I add or modify one of the custom post types the page does not update unless I go to the page and also open and “update” the page. At that point APO sees and shows the update. What is APO looking for to be updated and is there any hook I can add into my custom post type to let APO know the page has been updated. I can’t seem to find any documentation on this.

APO uses the Cloudflare WordPress plugin logic for cache purging. The plugin decides what to purge based on some native WordPress hooks: See: Cloudflare WordPress Plugin Automatic Cache Management · Cloudflare Support docs

The documentation for APO is lacking in many respects, but you (or your WordPress developer) may want to have a look at the cloudflare_purge_by_url hook in the plugin’s Github repository.

There are no documented examples that I know of, though, but I found online something that may be helpful in your case.

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