APO with another caching plugin that purge cache


Please i want to active Cloudflare APO on my site but i have some questions

1- I have an optimizing and caching plugin called “swift performance” this plugin have option for purging cloudflare cache it connected with cloudflare API, So if i active APO on my site i can depend on “swift performance” to purge cache and not setup “cloudflare plugin” OR i must setup “cloudflare plugin” and disable purging cache from “swift performance” or enable caching purge on both plugins

2- I using “swift performance” to optimize my site it merge css and js files and it make critical css file
my question is if i update a post “swift performance” delete the cache for this post and it’s related custom taxonomies if APO cached this page before “swift performance” it will cache the page without the optimization, is there any option in Apo to delay APO caching till “swift performance” end optimizing the page “swift performance” may take seconds or minutes

3- Is cloudflare plugin purge cache also for custom taxonomies related to the post and main page for the custom post type and the home page


any help @ yevgen

any help

This sounds like a tricky situation. You need the Cloudflare plugin to be active in order to add the necessary APO headers. But APO executes cache purges.

It would seem to me that a better approach would be to use a Worker to “Bypass Cache on Cookie”, use a Page Rule to Cache Everything, but with some exceptions for wp-login and maybe wp-admin, then let Swift handle everything else.

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  1. swift performance already can purge cache, that’s all you need.
  2. Once you activate the Cloudflare APO, please make sure to clear server caching for swift plugin. You don’t need to delay APO caching, but only to purge CF cache once again when swift finishes optimizing the page.
  3. we had such fix recently https://github.com/cloudflare/Cloudflare-WordPress/pull/327/files, I guess this is what you are asking for.

I’m not entirely clear on this.

If someone has a WordPress that can accurately Purge By URL, is there a way to stop APO from excessive purging? Or even tell APO/Cloudflare Plugin to not purge the cache?

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CF plugin will still purge on change there is no way to disable/delay it, but I don’t see a problem with that. “Swift performance” can take minutes to produce optimized CSS/HTML, so it will purge once again once done, it should work just fine.


so i must setup cloudflare plugin ?
you mean that when i update a post cloudflare APO plugin will purge cache and when “swift performance” finishing optimization it will purge cache once again that is right ?

That’s the idea, yes.

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