APO vs. Page Rules


I’ve setup page rules for full site cache (full html cache).

Is there difference with that and with Automatic Platform Optimization?

APO offer more speed? Or it is basically same thing just making it easier for users to set it up?

Thank you

The key difference between using CF Wordpress APO vs page rule - cache everything is in the way you will handle cache invalidation generally. CF Wordpress APO handles cache invalidation for you when you update your Wordpress posts etc. Also APO utilises CF Worker KV for storage so cache invalidation/miss is more likely to not require going back to origin for cross datacenter first time visitors who’s respective CF datacenter doesn’t have the cached HTML.

Your page rule cache everything is just dumb caching without any mechanism to know when to purge your cache on Wordpress updates. You can still use CF Wordpress plugin and use the older Auto Purge Content On Update setting to do the cache purging to mimic CF Wordpress APO.

I posted my experience and pagespeed benchmarks with Wordpress APO at https://community.centminmod.com/threads/cloudflare-wordpress-plugin-automatic-platform-optimization.20486/


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FYI we released APO integration with Page rules APO Release 2020.11.6

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