APO vs Google Analytics

I just installed the APO plugin and turned it on via the Cloudflare dashboard. Within the following hour my real time site traffic as reported on Google Analytics dropped from around 150/hour to close to zero.

I’m wondering if anyone has had the same issue, what the fix is and whether it’s a reporting error caused by tracking of APO using the www. version of the site, or if it is actually removing the site from SERPs…


May I ask have you got redirection from www to non-www configured, or vice-versa?

Nevertheless, which one is Google Analytics tracking, www or non-www version, if so?

Do you see any errors appearing?

In the Dashboard, is APO saying it’s working on both www/non-www?

There is nothing which APO does that should have an impact to the Google analytics directly.

Hi - my site redirects to the https://domain version, so I assume that is also what analytics is tracking,

I have turned off the plugin/APO now until I get some more info about this issue (I read something about it possibly serving the www version and Google then trying to reindex that) but at the time there were no error messages appearing.

I wasn’t sure where to find in the dashboard if it’s working with both, but I have been using Cloudflare servers for a long time with no issue; it was just the addition of APO that caused something strange.


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