APO versus Cache Everything (Page Rule)

The Cache Everything rule is disabled.

And I cleared the cache. But I still see the same warning:
cf-edge-cache response header is missing!

Can I do anything else to make it work?

Yes, i suggest the dns Record for keycdn to be dns only and turned on to proxy

Try to disable the rocket loader @user11413

CreatorRevealed - rocket loader is disabled as the site uses WP Rocket
Cloudcreatr - Can you explain how to do it, please? In the Cloudflare or Keycdn setting? Thanks

It’s quite simple @user11413
1 login to your Cloudflare dashboard
2 Select the respective domain
3 Go to Speed >>> Optimization
4 Scroll down and from there you can enable or disable " Rocket Loader"
I hope it helped.
One thing more is that you can’t enable or disable “rocket loader” from your DNS page.

Thank you CreatorRevealed but I meant that rocket loader was already disabled (and still is) because this function is not compatible with WPRocket, according to what a WPRocket technician told me. So everything is OK on this side.

Above I attached the screen shot of the DNS in relation to the advice of cloudcreatr

and I’m still very curious to know more…?

What are you curious to know more ?

Sorry but I don’t know how or where to do it. Is it in the Cloudflare DNS setting? I’m only a musician who tries to understand:)

First let me ask are you using keycdn because i cannot see any records for it

Yeah, correct if you are using keycdn.com then you would have to contact their support not Cloudflare’s community.

Yes, I use the KeyCDN

Actually, I didn’t ask the Cloudflare community but just you -) because it was you who said

Can you develop this idea a bit more, please?

What are the issue you are facing with keycdn and cloudflare so that i can get more idea

Well, despite the fact that APO is enabled, and after opening a page many many times from the same location, many items are still displayed as cf-status DYNAMIC or MISS

Is this something that can be fixed? Thanks

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