APO turned on causes non www to www infinite redirect loop,

In order to work on optimizing speed, I have turned ON APO setting via Cloudflare Plugin. I am also using WP Rocket and SG optimizer and set them accordingly.

After I turned on APO, my site does not resolve http or Non www url to the right site address. It goes to infinite loop instead.

I have Changed the SSlL - from full(strict) to Full and deactivated the APO as suggested. Now Redirection is working fine. But I really want to use APO in order to boost My site Speed. Please if anyone can help.

Hi @bhawna.rawat

It seems that the SSL certificate covering www is on a SSL for SassS solution, so using a custom hostname ands your hostname is using the edge certificate from your account.

Try and contact your previous SSL for SaaS provider and ask them to completely delete everything related to custom hostname. I’m not able to see previous SSL for SaaS provider is our system.

That is generally not a good idea, as you drop encryption in that way. Switch back to Full Strict.

Hi thanks for your response, I am not really getting what you are trying to explain but its been a year or so since we applied Clouflare, we never faced such issue only after activating the APO , it happened so we think the issue is something else.

Fore more infor: We using SG plugin + Cloudflare + WP Rocket

I seem to recall some posts about compatibility issues with APO and WP Rocket cache. Was disabling APO the only option that worked for you @bhawna.rawat?

Contact your hosting provider and ask them to remove the redirect at your origin server, see quickfix idea 1 in this too many redirects CommunityTip

Here are my results

< HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
< Location: 


Yes Before but now it is compatible with WP Rocket
.[Preformatted text](https://docs.wp-rocket.me/article/1444-using-cloudflare-apo-with-wp-rocket)

Thank you. Did you have your hosting provider remove the redirect at the origin?

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