APO - TTL setup not refreshing the content after 4 hours

I have seen many problems related to APO and clearing the cache with the TTL setup, but I could not find an exact solution for my case.
In my case, I tested my site without the wp-rocket cache plugin and NGNIX FastCGI server cache. Still apo does not refresh the page with the TTL value set.
The header response is below.

How to make the page refresh the apo cache after a specific time?

Actually, the page is updated daily…

You might give the Cloudflare-CDN-Cache-Control origin response header a try:

Thank you for your suggestion. Does it clear only the HTML cache or all the content? If it clears the entire content, performance might degrade because I want to clear the HTML copy every 4 hours.

It’s like an expiration date. It applies to whatever files you’ve configured your server to add that header to.

I am not a developer to set it up and follow your suggestions completely. sorry for the inconvenience.
I want to use APO with updating HTML copy for every 4 hours. There is no need to clear the assets stored in edge. Only HTML should be generated from source and saved in edge every 4 hours.

Any clue or solution to solve my issue?

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