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When installing the APO on the root site and subdirectory, the site in the subdirectory appears with two headers, that of the root site and the subdirectory site, both are Wordpress and have Active Cloudflare Plugin. Does anyone know the cause and a solution?

If you want to see the problem and understand: skdesu.com/music/

I doubt that APO can effectively handle what’s essentially a WordPress site embedded in a WordPress site. I suspect that if you look at the Speed → Optimizations section in the Cloudflare dashboard, it will only show APO as being active for the root domain. Can you give that a look?

You might have to disable APO for the subdirectory, and let the root APO take over. I’m thinking that the one APO system will apply to everything on that hostname and that turning off APO in the subdirectory plugin might still work.

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It was my mistake, the second header is not from the root site, it’s just the fixed header that went wrong, I simply disabled it and the site was normal. I just followed the Cloudflare tutorial for subdirectories to activate the plugin in both, there doesn’t seem to be any other issues.

Thanks xD

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