APO : Still strange behavior with pagination

It was mentionned at least two times before but the issue is still not solved.

APO is not clearing the paginated contents after new content is published.

something.com is ok
something.com/page/2/ is not ok, old version served
something.com/page/3/ is not ok, old version served

which results in missing content and which makes APO useless for a lot of people at the moment.

I don’t tinker with APO that often. But if you check the Audit Log from dash.cloudflare.com, can you see which Purge Cache is triggered? Is it a Purge Everything, or it it just some Purge URLs?

I confirm the issue, please follow https://github.com/cloudflare/Cloudflare-WordPress/issues/337 when this will be addressed.


I have a fix ready, hopefully we will release it early next week.


Good news, it will be really helpful for people with blogs and pagination. I did not figure this out, some readers emailed me about it when they saw some missing posts.
I know we all complain about something here, but @yevgen rest assured we appreciate all the work you put into making APO better every day.


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