Apo sometimes working

Hi Team,

Today I have started Apo in my wordpress website, so after sometime it’s work property and I can see the CF apo cache and hit but after 10 minutes it’s shows origin server no cache and status bypass.

Am using super cache plugin. Could you please guide me why it’s fluctuate every time this apo miss and hit. Why it is not stable or constant hit mode.

And also guide me for cloudflare tuning with the WordPress site


Without a URL, we can’t troubleshoot, but it’s possible you are getting a BYPASS because a cookie has been set by your site.

As for hits and misses, every edge server has an independent cache, and cached files are only saved for a few hours if they’re not used.

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The only way I can replicate the BYPASS is by setting my browser’s Dev Tools to Disable Cache. Without that, I get HIT on first viewing of the several pages I tested.

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