APO shows poor caching hit rate


I use APO on my site (www.travishale.com) with the cache by device type turned on (since i use AMP specific pages and so on).

One thing that i am finding really confusing is understanding which pages are being cached and which are not. My site is a photography site and blog with little change once an article is posted, my understanding of APO was that when an article is published it is pushed out to the KV so hit rates (in theory) should be fairly good.

This is where i am finding that it does not seem to equate to higher cache levels.

The cloudflare dashboard gives me the following values:
Last 24 Hours: cache rate 36.15%
Last 7 Days: cache rate 36.19%
Last Month: cache rate 24.08%

I dont really have videos (these are on youtube not on my site) just photos and articles but not sure why the hit rate would not be much higher which i would have expected with APO.

Are there any tricks or things you might notice which would reduce the APO effectiveness on my site?


APO does use KV as a secondary caching mechanism. APO will bypass caching for AMP pages in most cases. I don’t see any specific problems with APO setup.

I have a hypothesis that one thing we can improve is to explicitly cache google fonts we serve as a part of APO google fonts optimization. It looks like you have a lot of google fonts on your page. We are going to rollout a change that should improve caching statistics for your site.

Thanks all for taking a look, i think one of my plugins was settimg php expire headers :frowning: which probably didn’t help, but i do also have google fonts and so on.

Hopefully turning off the plugin which was setting expire headers helps a little.

Thanks all

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