APO set up on the WordPress/WooCommerce but it doesn't work


My question is related to the APO service. I bought the APO service, changed our domain nameserver and DNS to the Cloudflare, installed the Cloudflare official plugin and connected it to Cloudflare and enabled the APO on the plugin and the Cloudflare website. On the Cloudflare website, in the Speed tab, I can see “WordPress plugin successfully detected on naturalmoreish.com.au”.

I did all this 3 days ago but unfortunately the APO doesn’t work on our website. I have tested it with different devices and different internet connections but it doesn’t work at all.

www.naturalmoreish.com.au is our website.

Our server is on the Kinsta. Here is the screenshot of our website’s respond header. You can see there is no cf-apo-via header (https://developers.cloudflare.com/automatic-platform-optimization/get-started/verify-apo-works).

I have tested disabling all plugins and tested with with a WordPress default theme but it doesn’t work. I cleared all cookies, caches and everything.

Please help me to find how to resolve this issue. As we don’t have a Cloudflare premium plan, we can’t use the support ticket so I hope you can help me.

Much thanks!

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