APO serve cache to login users

I like how it work the speed is excellent but when a user in my site is login he got cache from logout users. How to separate cache for login and logout users.

thats possible for Business & Enterprise users. The feature you are requesting is called “Bypass Cache on Cookie”.

Here the APO docs: https://developers.cloudflare.com/automatic-platform-optimization/reference/page-rule-integration

  • Bypass Cache on Cookie (Business and Enterprise plans only) — APO applies custom bypass cookies in addition to the default list.

So Cloudflare don’t want my $5 /m. I understand thank you. Will switch of APO then

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Waaait a minute. Just had another read: Automatic Platform Optimization (APO) - How to force refresh page after logging-in? - #3 by yevgen

Bypass Cache on Cookie (Business and Enterprise plans only) — APO applies custom bypass cookies in addition to the default list.

The default list includes:

  • wp-
  • wordpress
  • comment_
  • woocommerce_
  • xf_
  • edd_
  • jetpack
  • yith_wcwl_session_
  • yith_wrvp_
  • wpsc_
  • ecwid
  • ec_
  • bookly_
  • bookly

Every other cookie you want to bypass would require a higher plan, that supports it. But these should really be enough to bypass every standard WordPress plugin etc.


We can extend the list of bypassed cookies prefixes, please mention the plugin that requires the change and we can consider it.


I think for $5/m will be better to extend it to full functionality. I’m considering others service too, but if I not get something that I pay for there is no point. It is your policy and I respect this. But think it is better to give choice for users what to use and what don’t. Pro plan is too expensive for me on this stage. But can give you some of my money for addons. It’s up to you. I love Cloudflare platform. But it’s some cind take it or leave it.

This mean even on business plan I will not serve cache for login users? If I bypass coockies will serve uncached content for this users and not cache version for logged users. If there is a way to separate cache or partial rebuild only difference will be good, but as far I understand this is not possible. Right?

There’s no way to currently cache for logged in users as it can be problematic to get right for each specific web app. Logged in users will bypass cache with APO or Business plan or higher’s bypass cache on cookie.


Maybe something like litespeed guest mode. It get basic cache and then with ajax call refresh for this user.

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