APO seems not to work as expected

There are 2 reasons why I suspect APO is not workig as expected on my website:

  1. It seems that txt cache are missing or excluded
  2. I’ve tried to scan all the pages with ScreamingFrog and plot the TTFB of every page. Only a few percentage of pages were returned in less than 2 seconds.
  3. Repeating the scan with ScreamingFrog gives better TTFB, but still not optimal

How can I further investigate on the issue?
The site is www.superinformati.com

As with any resource going into cache, it takes several visits before you start seeing HITs. Some one-hit-wonders won’t even be cached. Others get into the cache the first time, but only on that specific edge server. Though with Tiered Caching, this is supposed to be better. In the past, it’s sometimes taken me three to four tries before I get a HIT every time.

But I had enabled APO since many hours… it should have been cached also before, do you think I’d better disable tiered caching?

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