APO & Rocketloader v2?

Wasnt sure how to reopen this post: APO & Rocketloader?

Essentially the same question.

Can I enable Rocketloader in Cloudflare when I am using APO (on root and subdomains)?

I’ve found issues using rocket loader, personally I just have brotli enabled and use caching + server resources for speed. Seems to work better for me


I’m just trying to get that slight improvement and I do remember @yevgen saying they were going to look at using both together.

What issues did you run into?

Personally I have noticed rocket loader impacting the caching on websites that frequently modify theme files, i.e. Rocket loader doesn’t appear to work too well with other plugins that minify javascript


When I enabled APO it disabled Rocket Loader :man_shrugging:

Since altering my theme and doing some script clean ups I’ve gone from GTMetrix of F to a B anyway

Just trying to get that A rating :joy::rofl:

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