APO release 2020.12.4, WP plugin 3.8.7

APO release 2020.12.4

  • Cache By Device Type is available for activation.
  • Fixed value of cf-cache-status when APO is bypassed but resource is cached as static.
  • Improved caching update logic when incoming request is without accept header but APO already have content in cache.

Cloudflare for WordPress plugin 3.8.7

  • Fixed automatic categories and tags purging when APO is activated.
  • Fixed logic of APO hostnames activation when the feature was turned off previously.
  • Updated warning message on subdomains for APO use case.
  • APO card allows to enable “Cache by Device Type”

One small ask for the community, if APO and Cloudflare for WordPress plugin works for you please leave a review https://wordpress.org/plugins/cloudflare/#reviews. We have 10k zones using APO, I’m sure it works better then people may think based on the latest reviews.


When to use Cache by device type?

If a site serves different markup based on user-agent header then activating Cache by device type should allow to cache and store it separately for mobile, table and desktop device groups.

What are the downsides of using Cache by device type?

  • More often cache eviction, as all incoming requests are split into 3 buckets when serving from Cache.
  • Approximately 3 times more calls to origin servers when without Cache by device type.
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So, Cache By Device Type should be

CHECKED if you have a desktop theme and separate mobile theme

UNCHECKED if you have a responsive theme


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A summary I can understand :grin:

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