APO Release 2020.11.6

Page Rules integration with APO:

The following Page rules now control APO:

  • Cache Level: Bypass
    APO will bypass page with response header “cf-apo-via: origin,page-rules”

  • Cache Level: Ignore Query String
    APO will ignore all query strings when serving from Cache

  • Cache Level: Cache Everything
    APO will cache pages with all query strings. Default cookies rules still apply. Please note automatic page purge via Wordpress plugin won’t clean all cached pages, only one without query strings.

  • Bypass Cache on Cookie (Biz and Ent plans only)
    APO will apply custom bypass cookies in addition to the default list.

  • Edge Cache TTL
    APO will apply custom Edge TTL instead of 30 days. It is helpful for pages which can generate captchas or nonces.


Reading this, it sounds like the default cache level one should use with APO is “Ignore query string” for cacheable assets, then?

you don’t need to specify any level by default in order to use APO feature. This is more about specific use cases customers want for APO interoperability with Page rules.


That’s not precise. When i enable “Cache Everything”, i get cache HITs when i’m logged in. It seems like it’s creating 2 layers of cache: one for APO and another for the Page Rule.

But to be honest, i prefer it this way. The Page Rule is still way more efficient than APO. Even with the recent adjustments, my 1 hour Page Rule still cuts the load by 1/3 when compared to APO.

One question: what is the default TTL of “Cache Everything”, if i don’t set a custom Edge TTL value?

hmm you’re sure - that would be problematic in itself !

Screen Shot 2020-11-16 at 21.29.58

Yes. I don’t think it’s a problem, because using a Page Rule with APO is only optional.

In my tests, APO is still bypassing a lot of requests. Using a Page Rule with a 3 hour TTL is the best of both worlds to me:

  1. I get the “stale-while-revalidate” behavior from APO;
  2. I don’t have to purge the cache every time i commit a new change to my theme/plugins;
  3. I guarantee that every page request it’s a HIT (100% static is the goal - stale or not);
  4. Server runs smoothly.
  5. Authors and devs get to see the same version as anonymous users, which is good to know if something is out of place.

That’s not gonna be a problem to other customers, since you can simply skip the Page Rule.

Thanks for your continuing development and support.

Sorry for noob question, but where can we download this new version? The last Cloudflare Wordpress I could find on both wordpress plugin page and github is 3.8.5, which translates to 2020-10-15. I am sure I am missing something obvious, but would appreciate a pointer.

Best regards,

I assume this is just a “behind the scenes” update to how the system works, so we don’t need to update plugins or anything on our end.

I would assume that too, but… in this case, this prob:

… is not solved yet. :slight_smile:

That’s not a Cloudflare plugin. If this APO update has “broken” the functionality of 3rd-party plugins then that’s something the plugin devs need to fix themselves.


  • if it works in CF developer mode and
  • it it works without APO and
  • APO devs showed interest in the issue in the past and have tried to fix it

…then I’d assume it is worth bringing it to their attention. I was directed here by CF support team.

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We have a working solution to address this issue. It depends on the global weekly release of CF Edge code, I hope it will be released this Thursday, more realistic timeline (Thanksgiving holidays and such) will be the end of next week (December 4th).

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this release doesn’t require any changes from the website owner perspective, if your site is behind CF and APO is enabled you can use the features.

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