APO Release 2020.11.0

What is Automatic Platform Optimization (APO)


  1. increased KV storage limits up to 25MB from 10MB by default.

  2. Guards against cache poisoning. Requests with the following headers will bypass APO caching:

  • X-Forwarded-Host

  • X-Host

  • X-Rewrite-URL

  • X-Original-URL

  • GET requests with body will bypass APO caching

Bug fixes:

  • fix download of large files ( > 128MB )

I signed up for APO a few days ago. I installed and set up the plugin.
However, there’s been no improvement either in speed or in cached requests.

I’m using Swift Performance. I tried disabling its cache, but it was still as before APO.

Is APO working for anyone?

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Hi @yevgen, did you have a chance to fix the HTTP 1.1 bug?


Yes, it was fixed.


Is there a benefit in speed, when using APO with cloud hosting?
My hosting is Cloudways. Thanks for sharing

It depends where are Point of Presents (PoPs) your hosting providers has and from where the traffic to your site comes. Please have a look at some measurements here https://kinsta.com/blog/cloudflare-apo-wordpress/#the-state-of-web-performance-in-2020.

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