APO questions

I see there is a discussion of the Cloudflare Automatic Platform Optimization plugin as well.
I have a question, I would like to connect it to my WordPress site, but I see that there is a warning that it has not been tested with my version of WordPress (my Version 5.8.2).
Has anyone had any experience installing this plugin on WordPress Version 5.8.2?

It works on 5.8.2. They just haven’t updated the flag yet.


Thanks for the answer.
Please tell me, while I was waiting for an answer. Searched for similar plugins and found WP Cloudflare Super Page Cache plugin.

I realized that this plugin also caches HTML of the page and sends it to the border centers of the cloudflare in order to shorten the path to the end visitor’s.

Is there a fundamental difference between a Cloudflare plugin and WP Cloudflare Super Page Cache that I don’t know about?

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