APO purchasing issues (not solved)

I previously comment on this issue, which has not been solved by the most recent CloudFlare WordPress plugin update.

APO purchasing issues

The “Subscription of the specified type already exists (Code: 1206)” error no longer comes up but now there are new console errors, which are preventing me from purchasing APO. These are the new errors coming up in the Chrome Dev console. I’m seeing PayPal and BrainTree issues in the response.

I have only one domain in the root public_html folder. The CloudFlare plugin was updated to the latest version v3.8.4 and the cache was cleared. The purchase check recognized WordPress on my website site and goes to the purchase page. When I attempt to purchase it scrolls back to the purchase button with no (1206) error or errors in the Chrome Network Dev tab, but there are new errors in the console.

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