APO problems

APO runs against the following list of hostnames:

domain.com, www.domain.com
cf-edge-cache response header is missing! Please clear any server cache used via other plugins.

The error there seems pretty self-explanatory, what is the actual issue?

I paid for APO on for my WordPress website but it was telling me APO is against all hostnames and it stated my domain name which I felt the APO is not working because I have not started seeing the impact. It also said that cf header is Missing, that I should remove any other server cache plugins which I have done that.

It is not connecting and it still showing that error

Have you tried removing the caches and clearing the CF cache, too?

yes i have removed the caches and how do i clear CF cache

From the Cloudflare Dashboard or, I think, from the plug-in’s UI you installed on the server.

i have done that and i don’t have any cache plugin installed on the computer

At this point, can you share the domain name?


I do see correct headers on those pages. It might just be the dashboard hasn’t yet caught up.

For how long, it’s over a week now

I am honestly not sure. It works, though. It’s just an erroneous indication…

I’ll see if I can ping the PM of the project.

Okay, thanks. Really appreciate for your concern

goodday matteo, have not been able to resolve these issues. I think I have to deactivate the APO since its not working. My $5 is gone

APO is working. The headers are there. It’s an issue just with the visualisation of the info in the UI of the dashboard.

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