APO outdated content with one browser


If we enable APO, we face the issue that our content (ad posts) does not update anymore on Safari incognito mode. In all other browsers and Safari without incognito mode everything works fine.
Here an example of our puppy ads category
New dog & puppy ads are constantly added by users but in Safari incognito I see only old ads which were added before we enabled APO.

My questions are: How can we get the same behavior like on other browsers? How can we purge the cache for Safari incognito on new ad post? Or is there a way to exclude only Safari incognito from APO?


Same behavior in Firefox Mobile Incognito Browser. We now set the Edge Cache TTL to 30 minutes as a temporary fix. Not sure if with this setting APO brings us a benefit. If someone knows a better solution to fix the incognito modus outdated content issue, please let me know!

+++ UPDATE: Cloudflare Support told me to remove the Cache by Device Type option. This fixed the issue for me.

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