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Greetings, i have tried cf APO and its working fine but when i add post only homepage and posts get updates but not pages on the website fir example, movie website, home page gets update, but list of all movies dont and i have to purge pages each time i add new post


After disabling APO, js, css files are showing DYNAMIC status, not HIT

It’s possible that the Cloudflare plugin doesn’t know all the individual URLs affected by the change. You can do a Purge Everything to take care of that.

Q2: Without seeing a URL, it’s difficult to tell. It could be that your site is using cookies for those files, and Cloudflare might not cache because of that.

when i purge all it breaks website cause of the to many users on website

if i add page rule, edge cache ttl for the whole domain, will that fix the problem, because i cannot purge each time everz page when i add post

That Page Rule won’t help with the other pages not being purged.

Is there any solution for this cause sulution to purge all is not possible?

Open a ticket so you can share the details. These tickets usually end up going to @yevgen.

i will try with the ticket, thank you

Please post the ticket # here when you get it.

Here is the ticked i created #2150014

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It seems that you have reproduced the issue on the URL https://www.filmoviplex.com/browse-all-videos-1.html/page/2 which follows quite unusual path convention. I would expect to see a URL like https://www.filmoviplex.com/browse-all-videos-2.html or https://www.filmoviplex.com/browse-all-videos-1/page/2 instead.

If this is not reproducible on URI paths that follow Wordpress Permalinks naming convention, then the issue is very likely caused by your custom URL scheme. In this case you’ll need to adjust your custom theme / plugins to use expected URI paths in order to fix this problem.

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