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I am using APO plugin for my wordpress site. I tested whether the APO plugin works as described in the instructions. The system is working.

Everything works fine in the desktop version. There are sections on my website that show random content to users. These are showing results as soon as they are cached as they should. The page does not change when served with a cache. This is what is desired. Because I don’t want any newvqueries to be done on the server side.

However, this situation, which works effectively for desktop, could not be valid for mobile devices. I understand this both from the loading time of the pages and from the fact that the randomly displayed content changes with every page refresh.

The result did not change whether I activate the option specified for mobile devices in the APO plugin or not.

I have stopped all kinds of accelerator and caching plugins including Jetpack that I used before. I couldn’t solve the problem.

Can you tell me if this is a problem and if so how can I fix it?

My site address: https://antalyatv.com

Thank you.

I suggest you disable the “Cache by device” option, then Purge Everything.

Thank you for your response. I did what you suggested. Twice as well. But the result is the same. It works on desktop devices, not mobile. There is something more interesting. It works fine on both desktop and mobile devices on my subdomain sites. But on the main site I could not achieve this. Could any plugin cause this?

After installing APO on subdomain sites, I uninstalled and reinstalled the APO plugin on the main site. I’ve tried every method I can think of. But I failed.

You can find the culprit by deactivating all plugin

I did this first. I tried to disable the plugins that are different between the subdomain site and the main site one by one. The problem persisted.

Finally, I disabled the core plugins such as Jetpack, which are common to the subdomain and the main site. But the problem is still not solved.

I even activated the same theme I used on the subdomain site, in case there was a problem with the theme I was using. Unfortunately it doesn’t work, although almost everything is the same. It works on desktop devices, not mobile devices.

As far as I can see, the only difference is that one is the subdomain site and the other is the main site. Another difference is that the number of queries and content on each page is less in the subdomain site.

As a result, the subdomain site works, the main site does not work in the mobile version.

Main Site: https://antalyatv.com

Subdomain Site: https://sarkisosilyrics.antalyatv.com/

Subdomain Site: https://sarkisozlerilyrics.antalyatv.com/

I wrote it wrong, sorry.

While testing on different mobile devices, I found that the cache works on a phone with an older android version. Now the problem has become more complex :sweat_smile:

When I checked with an incognito tab in the chrome browser on the android device where the cache was not working, I saw that the cache was working. I noticed that the cache does not work when the incognito tab is closed.

I think it’s an issue with having the Wordpress app installed on the mobile device I’m testing. When I test on other phones, I see that the cache is working.

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