APO on a certain WordPress Multisite is not working

Hi all,

I maintain a couple of WordPress Multisites that are hosted on the same origin server, but on one multisite I can’t get the APO to work. I’m not getting the correct response headers back.

I think it has something to do with the zones we have in Cloudflare:

  • Our root domain (apex) is in zone 1 amongs another 250+ records. I did a full DNS setup.
  • In zone 2 I have the subdomain: www.example.com . For this to work I’ve created two NS records in zone 1 that point to zone 2.
    This www.example.com site is an up-to-date WP Multisite with subfolder setup (www.example.com/en etc). I installed the latest version of the Cloudflare plugin 4.7.0 on every single subsite. The plugin says: Note: APO runs against the following list of hostnames: *www.example.com, example.com, blog.example.com

blog.example.com is also a multisite on the same origin server but is in zone 1. APO is running fine here!

In the cloudflare dashboard the APO for WordPress setting is enabled on zone 1 (the apex zone) but disabled in zone 2.

To be sure I disabled WP Rocket, cleared it’s cache folder, cleared what WP Rocket wrote in htaccess but that does not seem the problem.

I used the Global api key everywhere.

See screenshot attached for the headers I’m getting back from the site in zone 2

Any help, suggestions, ideas would be greatly appreciated. I’m a bit stuck…

Thank you,


Cross-zone APO? This is the first time I’ve heard of someone trying that.

I suggest you open a ticket and then post the ticket # here so we can escalate it. Hopefully @yevgen or someone else on the APO team can look into your setup.


Thanks @sdayman for your reply! I already have a ticket open at support.

I thought the problem was either my origin server or the zone setup, but now that the APO works for a site in zone 1, I ruled out that the problem is the origin server. Why is it not working for www.example.com in zone 2? I also suspect what you call the cross-zone setup to be the problem.

I’ve escalated that ticket #. As it’s a pretty specialized situation, it may be a while before we hear back on that one. I’m certainly curious about this as well.

Moved www.example.com to zone 1 and paused zone 2.Still not working.

Installed the cloudflare plugin on yet another multisite we have (careers.example.com) and it works straight away. Same origin server, other vhost.

On the cloudflare plugin settings page I do not see the orange bar saying:

“You are using a subdomain for your site, apart from the APO feature, any Cloudflare settings applied via this plugin will be applied to your original domain as well.”

I do see this message on our blog and careers multisites.

Also, when I open the cloudflare plugin settings page on www, I briefly see an error message saying that the cf-edge-cache is missing. It always disappears quickly.

I now think there must be something wrong with this specific wordpress multisite configuration or its vhost config.

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