APO not working cache, cf-cache-status: DYNAMIC

I have the Pro plan.
CF plugin is enabled in WordPress as it shows: cf-cache-status: DYNAMIC. - it should be cf-cache-status: HIT

Note: APO runs against the following list of hostnames:
www.philipthomas.com, philipthomas.com

I’m using WPEngine for hosting and the legacy DNS to take advantage of Cloudflare features. I have page rules set up. and proxy on in CD settings. However, I cannot get the HIT I had a few days ago. Can folks chime in and see what needs fixing?

I was using Advanced Network a few days ago and was getting cf-cache-status: HIT, but that, according to WP Engine, is a double proxy and causes a conflict. I have the same rules set up and are unchanged.

Thank you.

To clarify my original post, I used the Advanced Network at WP Engine, which worked very well. I could not see or experience any cache conflicts and was proxied (orange cloud).
However, WP Engine has advised me that with the Advanced Network, you cannot proxy via CF as this will create a double proxy and to use DNS only - or the grey cloud. So, I switched to their WP Engine’s legacy network, which enables using CF’s features, cache, and proxy instead. Since switching, I cannot get the cache HIT in my headers (incognito mode) or GT Metrix, for example.
WP Engine suggested I reach out to Cloudflare to resolve this. Can anyone help?

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The issue was solved by contacting WP Engine and removing the rule, as the advanced network was still enabled on the domain.

"The issue here is that this hostname is still managed by a service provider that uses our Cloudflare for SaaS solution, their Cloudflare configuration for your domain will take precedence.

You will need to contact this service provider and ask them to add the page rule for you."

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