APO not working all countries. some countries only why

I bought APO for my siteweb WordPress but not working all countries. some countries only like German.

I test my site web al3abe.online in KeyCDN give me this reslut

only frankfurt is working APO but other contries give me apo not working why

give me cf-cache-status : MISS and cf-apo-via : origin,miss

Hi @ahmedsafe,

APO works by caching content in servers around closest to your visitors. The reason that you are seeing cf-cache-status: MISS is because prior to you visiting the site from other locations, your content was not cached in the closest datacenter. If you attempt to run the same test again within a reasonable amount of time, you should be able to see cf-cache-status: HIT appear.

You can learn more about how cache works by following our Cache documentation.

If you continue to have issues with Cache, please share what your cache settings look like and what changes you have made to try to resolve the issue.

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