APO not updating mobile home page on new post

I have been using APO for some time now and not really had many issues. Recently I noticed “cache by device type” was unchecked but this was causing issues, i.e mobile showing on desktop and vice versa. Since ticking that the issue was fixed but now I’ve noticed that whenever I publish a new article, the home page doesn’t update on mobile unless I manually clear the cache myself.

I’ve been checking the CF Community for similar issues and tried to fix the issue from suggestions but I’m at a loss. Our Spider-Man 2 review went out but didn’t update on the home page at all overnight until I cleared the cache myself manually the next morning.

onlycomicuniverse.com is the domain as well.

I think I have fixed it. I changed my CF cache to respect existing headers and then changed WP Rocket to 10 hours instead. This appears to have resolved it for now :slight_smile:

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