APO not recaching content after update


According to the APO documentation:

Verify the APO integration and WordPress integration work
Open your WordPress site and publish a change. When the integration is working, the page is cached with cf-cache-status: HIT and cf-apo-via: tcache

I’ve done that, and got: Cf-Cache-Status: MISS.

The cache seems to be automatically purged, but not automatically re-cached.

I’ve tried a few times and even waited a couple of minutes before refreshing.

How can it be solved?

That’s what APO is for.

That’s not something that APO does. Content is only cached on request. If you hit refresh two or three times, you should see a cache HIT.

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Thank you @Laudian. But, to my understanding, this is not in accordance with the official statements of Cloudflare, on many occasions.

First of all, it isn’t in accordance with the paragraph I already quoted from the documentation. If automatic re-caching isn’t something APO does, that paragraph doesn’t make sense.

More examples are here:

Whenever you update content in WordPress, Cloudflare updates content on our edge

And here:

Because this service works in tandem with our WordPress plugin, we are able to understand when you make changes and ensure we quickly purge the content in Cloudflare’s edge and refresh it with the new content.

This functionality was the main reason for me to subscribe to APO.

Can someone official from Cloudflare verify: Does APO automatically refreshes expired/purged content (without relying on a visit to the page), or not?

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