APO not flushing cache on Mobile

Hi, APO is not purging the mobile cache anymore, only clearing manually helps.

Also, I noticed that all my other sites with APO on different cloudflare accounts work, it is only this one site…

Issues with caching such as the one you’re facing are very difficult to troubleshoot, and they normally go away just like they appeared in the first time: by themselves.

However, it’s frustrating to have to wait.

Here’s a workaround you may want to try and adjust for your needs. It’s meant to be used temporarily, so you need to disable the rule every now and then and purge cache, see if APO is working as expected again.

  1. Create a Cache Rule.

    When incoming requests match:
    User Agent contains “mobile”
    User Agent contains “Android”
    User Agent contains “iPhone”

    Eligible for Cache
    Edge Cache TTL: 10 seconds

That should take requests from mobile out of APO caching logic for as long as the rule is enabled, and hopefully you’ll be able to purge as needed. The Edge Cache TTL is just an example, you should set according to your needs. APO does the invalidation by itself, but with Cache Rules you to purge cache as changes are made, so you may prefer to keep a low value for the Edge Cache TTL.

Hi, thanks but that did not resolve the issue either.

Another weird thing is that only the front page does not get purged, singles articles do. I turned of caching for the front page for the moment but then, why pay for APO is this happens every few weeks with no solution for ages.

Are you OP with a different account, or a new username? Are you also facing issues with mobile only?

Hi, same user… well, now it`s not flushing the cache on both mobile and desktop. turning off APO helps but it is not a solution.

I have other sites on a different account and they seem to have no problems, only this one account for some reason.

What’s the domain?