APO needs an option to exclude URL's from APO optimization

Several users (including me) seems to have problems related to APO’s On-or-Off approach. APO offers great new functionality and performance possibilities - to some. But it suffers from being a take-it or leave-it solution! It lacks the simple option to exclude any URL’s from APO optimization.

In my case APO renders a login page useless. Consequently my only option is to deactivate APO completely for the whole site! What a shame!

Many - if not most - of the problems other users describe, could be easily solved or alleviated with an option to exclude a page from APO optimization.

If you agree, please comment or like this post to let the good, hardworking people at Cloudflare’s dev-team know, that you support a call for APO to evolve this way :slight_smile: Thanks!


We have a Wordpress site with Cloudflare on a free plan while its in beta so we went ahead and tested APO as its only $5 and wow the speeds you get from it are insane but as you’ve said it needs exclude better yet it needs exclude with wildcard so you could do domain.com/page/* or domain.com/page* excludes.

For us logging in and out worked without issues but the cached data was totally inconsistent and wouldn’t clear for all users when updates were made one part of the site was so inconsistent we had to disable APO.

We did all the clean browser tests even trying VPNs some users would see updates others wouldn’t it was bizarre.

We use rate limiting on a Business plan we have on Cloudflare the APO needs that level of settings for at least paid plans I get Cloudflare is trying to make it a simple toggle on but I don’t think one size will fit all with this.

Since switching off APO I can see how huge of a change it makes and now its more annoying than anything we can’t use it in its current form.

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you just need to give one of this headers to all pages you dont want to be cached

  • “Cache-Control: no-cache”
  • “Cache-Control: private”
  • “Pragma:no-cache”
  • “Vary: *”

but why caching the login page prevent users from being able to log in? as the login page is just static html form, the login process itself is happening in the post request which doesn’t get cached, I have no knowledge in wordpress but it doesn’t sound correct

I honestly have no idea how I could even go about adding no cache headers into pages controlled by a plugin without hard edits to the plugin itself. Only the caching of HTML on these pages is creating the issue it just rolls back to APO having the ability to wildcard out pages as away forward.

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If a plug-in is failing to write appropriate headers to indicate whether content can be cached, log a bug with the plug-in as this will break in other situations too since browsers and regular proxy implementations will run into the same issue under the right circumstance.

I want this as an option. Seems a bit crazy Cloudflare would release this without making sure this was a feature.

At the same time. The speed increase is insane for just $5 a month. I would like to be able to use it confidently.

Hey Everyone,

Just pinging this thread to let you know that we’ve heard you and have logged this feature request. Stay tuned.