APO login problem

I am using apo on my site. There is no problem when I am not logged in. The site is very fast (pic 1) but when I log in as a user, the login button is still active (pic 2) so I cannot use APO
this problem happens on the main page and the first few pages, the log out button is active on other pages

on the problematic pages.
cf-apo-via tcache
cf-cache-status HIT
cf-ray 73c611606a91ba8f-MXP

no problem pages
cf-apo-via origin,cookie
cf-cache-status BYPASS
cf-edge-cache no-cache
cf-ray 73c61a4eebabbaaf-MXP

site name www.alinkrusca.com
I use wp-rocket, learnpress, anti spalm by cleantalk, buddypress youzify on the site

Screenshot by Lightshot (pic1)
Screenshot by Lightshot (pic2)

Might be because your web browser still keeps a cached non-logged-in version of the HTML document, which expires… after 1 year?; by the cache-control HTTP headers :thinking:

Try to lower the Browser Cache TTL, purge the APO cache and Cloudflare → Caching → Configuration → Purge Everything button.
Clear your Web browser cache too (or use Private/Incognito).
Re-test if anything different.

Furthermore, once you’ve logged-in, the cookie is set and present, therefore kept in a Web browser, meaning in your Developer Tools (F12) the “Cache” is enabled (otherwise the checkbox to “Disable cache” would be ticked).

From what I understand.

Furthermore, you might have to tune-up your APO and since you’re using WP Rocket, either I don’t see a use of WP Rocket alongside APO, make sure it is also properly configured to work with Cloudflare:

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Thank you very much for your help, I will apply what you wrote, I will inform you again.


I tested again according to the warnings you wrote, the result did not change. I have done the wp-rocket settings before as described in the forum. I open the browser in incoqnito tab, but still, when I use apo, the login button is still active on the home page and some pages.

I have read some articles on the forum that this problem may be caused by cookies. how do we know that ?

another question; when we log in with the user
cf-apo-via: origin,cookie
cf-cache-status: BYPASS
cf-edge-cache: no-cache

According to this, it makes sense to use APO. After all, the user’s pages are not cached.

Caching Level standart
Browser Cache TTL 4 hours
Rocket Loader™ off

Hm, try changing this option :point_up: to some other value :thinking:


I changed the TTL value but the problem is still the same. When I use APO, login stays constant on home page and some pages, even when logged in. I ask you to help me about this issue, otherwise I cannot use APO.

I’ve written about this topic before. I’m still waiting for the full solution to the problem. I will be grateful if you could help me

When APO is active, the login button is always active on the home page and some pages of the logged in users. (picture 1)
some pages are working correctly but cache bypass on these pages (picture 2)

Since the login button is active, users are trying to log in repeatedly, so I cannot use APO.

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