APO kill geolocation

i’m using this plugin
with option:
Add a country-specific CSS class to the -Tag

after i activated APO everthing go crazy

Hi @matei.marius.
Unfortunately APO is not compatible with the use case using country-specific CSS.

APO Killed my geoIP info too.
All pages are shown with content targeting to US visitors only.

yes, US show for me also

This maybe to do with APO not currently giving the visitor IP address and your geo location will therefore just show as the location of the CF server/ip.
See here for details: Automatic Platform Optimization Enabled & I No Longer See Visitor IP?

this is fixed now, real visitor IP is now returned for cf-connecting-ip and x-forwarded-for when the feature is activated.

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amazing news, thanks so much

one question here, is there any point to use cloudflare workers with edge cache script in combination with APO?

APO is a replacement for https://github.com/cloudflare/worker-examples/tree/master/examples/edge-cache-html, otherwise depends on your edge cache script logic.