APO issues with Google Analytics and Adsense

First of all, Cloudflare APO is an amazing piece of tech. I really like it and would love to keep it going and recommend it for as long as it is being maintained.
Almost all of my pages get cf-cache-status : HIT
That’s great, but Google Analytics and Adsense reporting drop significantly for my site https://www.androidsage.com

Here is my diagnostics:

I have enabled CF APO for less than a month now, but as soon as I enable Cloudflare APO, something feels off. The number of real-time Active Users drop significantly.
I thought that was just the recent Google Core Update, but that’s not the case. Whenever I purge all CF cache using the official CF plugin, the active users go way up. Later when CF caches again, it drops again.
Wait, that’s not it. There’s more.

My setup: I have implemented both GA4 and the old GA analytics
Google Analytics 4 - GA Google Analytics - https://wordpress.org/plugins/ga-google-analytics/
old Google Analytics - Flying Analytics by WP Speed Matters - https://wordpress.org/plugins/flying-analytics/
Adsense - Ad Inserter and Site Kit (for Auto Ads)

I suspect my Analytics setup isn’t working properly with APO. So I tried the - Google Analytics Cloudflare App. Which I believe runs on top of the CF CDN.

I was correct. As soon as I add the analytics code using the GA Cloudflare app (old GA code), the real-time reporting went to normal; like before APO. Also, there is now a difference in the pageviews in OLD GA, NEW GA4, and Adsense.

Here are some reports:
OLD GA (using Cloudflare app) : Pageviews 29,779
GA4 : Pageviews 22,163
Adsense: 21.6K

I believe it is also affecting my Adsense reporting, and thus revenue. I have now implemented pagelevel Ads using Cloudflare app as well, but that wouldn’t make any difference unless I get the correct impressions.

I don’t know what I can do to fix this.

Thanks for your report! Technically there is nothing APO does that should impact Google analytics. It’s important to get to the root cause of the issue, please let us know if you find more details about it.

I will try disabling the APO for a couple of days and see if the Analytics line up, and let you know.

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