APO issues on mobile and JS scripts

I’ve been running CF for few years now and today I decided to give APO a try and see what kind of performances I was getting.

Since activating APO the responsive WP theme stopped loading dropped down menus and displaying images in line on posts.

I tried purging all cache and delete all the browser history and cookies on the iPhone but so far no luck.

When purging the cache I also have to force reload page on the desktop or the carousel and galleries will stop.

Any suggestions? The site is https://www.designlinesmagazine.com


You can test APO bypass in the browser with hard refresh (pass cache-control: no-cache header). I doubt the issues you described are caused by APO.

Yes, you’re right, I found the culprit last night. The issues were caused by some settings in Autoptimize and Async JavaScript plugins. Apparently they don’t really go that well with APO. I was able to change some settings in Autoptimize but I had to totally disable Async JavaScript. Still, I was hoping to see some better performances with APO active, especially on the desktop, maybe I need to play around more with it. I don’t know.


Can you link to the plugins that caused issues with APO and how did you fix them? I hope we can add it to the knowledge base.


  1. Autoptimize
    in this case I had to disable the HTML modification that the plugin was allowing.
    This was blocking the dropdown menus in the mobile version and the Carousel in the desktop/mobile

  2. Async Javascript
    This was blocking images in the posts to appear. In this case the scr= instead of having a URL was displaying as “unknown”

Let me know if you need else.

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