APO is showing "cf-cache-status: DYNAMIC"

I’m talking about the Automatic Platform Optimization.

When I test my website in GTmetrix, it shows me that the “cf-cache-status: is HIT”

But when I test it myself on different browsers (clean ones) it shows me “cf-cache-status: DYNAMIC”

Here’s my settings:

You’ve hidden the domain name, so we can’t test, but that looks like Dev Tools in your browser. If you’ve ticked the “Disable Caching” box, I believe APO will switch to DYNAMIC.

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It isn’t ticked

And my domain is mydomain.com

It’s showing HIT for me. That APO header says “cookie”, so it looks like you’re logged into your site.

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But I’m not logged-in. It’s a different browser

Is it because I’m testing from my own IP address?

Not likely. Check your Request headers to see if your browser is sending a cookie. Or click that “Cookies” tab to see what’s going on.

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Okay I checked a bunch of browsers, mine and changed IP addresses, etc…

65% of the times it actually showed HIT, but other times it showed DYNAMIC even on the same browser or the same POST or PAGE after refreshing.

What could be the reason?

(And regarding the above problem, when I cleared my browser’s cache it actually gave me HIT.)

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